Bird’s Eye View

“Birds can fly at very high speeds. Just think about plowing into a sheet of glass at 40 miles per hour, and head first.”

New York City lies in the middle of one of North America’s crucial migratory super highways. Millions of winter birds annually stop in the Jamaica Bay salt marshes while heading south on their migratory path. The more than 20,000 acres of land between southern Queens and Brooklyn sees fowl ducks, geese, land birds, cockatoos and small songbirds use the land to rest and re-energize. In addition, as birds pass through Manhattan and it’s many skyscrapers, the lights and building windows distract the birds. The reflective glass on the towers mirrors habitat, fooling the birds into thinking the scene exists. In particular, the buildings in the Financial District along the East River, have claimed the lives of hundreds of birds, some with decreasing numbers. The fortunate ones who survive the impact are taken to the Wild Bird Fund, New York City’s only wildlife rehabilitation center.

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